[Agenda/Discussion] Community Call #1 Kick-off And Panvala Polls - Wednesday, November 6, 1 PM EST

[Agenda/Discussion] Community Call #1 Kick-off and Panvala Polls - Wednesday, November 6, 1 PM EST

Hi all,

We’re excited to share the agenda for Wednesday’s community call. If there are any items you’d like to add to the agenda, let us know!


  • Introductions

  • Recent and Upcoming Events

    • Panvala accepted the Astrotrope’s recommendations on September 29
      • Brief slate governance intro
    • Tokens were released to grant recipients on November 1
      • Whiteblock
      • PegaSys
      • ConsenSys Diligence
      • … and more
    • The Astrotrope is accepting applications for Batch Five until November 22
    • Batch Five’s grants will be released on January 31
      • 2,000,000 PAN (currently worth over $50,000)
  • New product features: Panvala Polls

Next week, we’re launching a new product feature, called Panvala Polls. It’s a new way for us to learn PAN holders’ funding priorities in the Ethereum ecosystem. The results of each quarterly poll will shape Panvala’s quarterly budget, starting with Batch Five, which will be released on January 31. During this call, we’ll discuss this new feature and walk you through the process of casting your vote.

  • AMA with the Panvala team

  • What / who would you like to see in the next community call?

Please join us for our first community call and help shape the future of Panvala!


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Community Call #1 Recording

Call Notes

Call notes will be included as a reply after the call.

Call Notes


00:00 - 09:14 Welcome & Introductions

09:14 - 10:21 Update 1: The Astrotrope

10:21 - 16:45 Update 2: Batch 4 Grant Recipients

16:45 - 17:15 Update 3: Batch 5 Key Dates

17:15 - 17:56 Panvala Polls Quick Introduction

17:56 - 20:55 Panvala Polls Walkthrough

20:55 - 29:11 AMA, Discussion, Next Community Call


Welcome & Introductions

  • This is the first community call. We’ll be hosting these calls every two weeks going forward. It’s a great way to connect with other community members and stay up to date with everything going on in Panvala.

Update 1: The Astrotrope

  • Panvala accepted the Astrotrope’s recommendations on September 29, 2019.
  • The Astrotrope is a Panvala advisory group.
  • In Panvala, anyone can form an advisory group to issue recommendations of grants.
  • The main aim of these groups is to have the support of token holders.
  • In order to achieve that, advisory groups seek their feedback in this forum and let them influence recommendations before a slate of grants is created.
  • Recommendations can be challenged by creating a competing slate in the Panvala Disputes App.
  • This quarter, there was no challenge, so the Astrotrope’s recommendations were accepted.

Update 2: Batch 4 Grant Recipients

  • Tokens were released to Panvala’s Batch 4 Grant Recipients on November 1.
  • Our Batch 4 Grant Recipients are:
  1. Whiteblock, LibP2P Testing
  2. Gnosis, Conditional Token Framework Security Audit
  3. ConsenSys Diligence: Vyper Security Audit
  4. Loreum: ESCAPE (Enterprise State Channel Application Programming Environment)
  5. BlockRocket: PleaseRelayMe (Interest-Funded Transaction Layer)
  6. PegaSys: Artemis Phase 0
  7. Graham McBain: Ethereum Plugins for No-Code Development Platforms
  8. The Astrotrope: Batch 4 Recommendations
  9. ConsenSys PAN: Staking & Marketing purposes. For example, sponsoring local Ethereum meetups and sending tokens to active community members so they can influence the decisions Panvala makes.
  • More information on Batch 4 Grant Recipients and the Astrotrope: Click here.

  • Which of these projects are community members most excited about?

  • Niran Babalola: I’m personally most excited about the work that BlockRocket is doing. There’s a lot of interest right now in using tokens held in a smart contract to earn interest. And then use that interest for any kind of purpose. Some people are doing it for charitable purposes, some for other reasons. I think it’s an interesting application to try to fund people’s gas fees using interest from ether that they hold. I think that’s pretty cool.

  • Akua Nti: I’m personally interested in the Vyper Security Audit, mainly because I am interested in possibly using Vyper in the future for smart contracts. It’s, as far as I understand, still in beta and having someone audit it and help work out the security issues is an important step to feeling confident that it’s something we can use for real things.

  • Petr Porobov: I’m interested in Gnosis platform, because Gnosis Safe is very close to what we (Upala) are doing. I think we will use Gnosis Safe’s code in our system.

Update: Batch 5 Key Dates

  • Grant application deadline: November 22.
  • Token grants will be released on January 31, 2020.
  • 2M PAN Tokens will be released, currently worth over $50k USD.

Panvala Polls: Quick Intro

  • We are launching Panvala Polls as a way for token holders to influence grant allocation.
  • Surface the opinions and priorities of Panvala’s token holders and make this information available to the community as a whole.
  • You’ll find a list of categories. Beside each category is a field where you can indicate the percentage of the quarterly budget you believe should be allocated to this category.
  • The results of the quarterly poll shape Panvala’s quarterly budget.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The launch date has been pushed forward. The Panvala Poll will launch on November 18 and will last until November 22.

Panvala Polls: Walkthrough

  • Voting power can be increased by purchasing additional tokens on UniSwap.

  • Cool fact: While purchasing tokens on UniSwap, you are not just increasing your voting power, but also the demand for PAN tokens. It’s kind of like putting money into the hands of grant recipients.

  • How To Vote

  • Make sure you have your MetaMask installed and that your PAN tokens are in your MetaMask wallet.

  • Connect your MetaMask wallet.

  • Indicate the percentage of the quarterly budget that you believe should be allocated to each category.

  • Make sure your percentages add up to 100 %. Don’t worry, the app will help you if you have trouble with maths ;).

  • Submit your preferences. The product will prompt you to sign using your MetaMask wallet (no transactions required) and will let you know what your current voting power is.

  • Important: The poll lasts from November 18 - November 22. If you sell your tokens or move them to another wallet, the voting power of your address will be whatever it is and the end of the poll.

  • You won’t lose any tokens regardless of the poll result.

AMA & Next Community Call

  • Akua Nti: I think it would be great to have some of the past grant winners come and talk about the progress that they have been making.
  • Petr Porobov: The major thing I want to share is that the Panvala grant allowed us to move on. I was out of funds and had to search for a job. Then I received this grant and could remain on the project and keep doing research.

Links mentioned in call

The Astrotrope’s Batch Four Recommendations

Peter Porobov (Founder @ Upala) Medium Page