Batch 5: What should we fund?

Panvala’s next batch of grants will allocate 2 million PAN, worth about $60K at the current price. These PAN tokens will be distributed to teams in the Ethereum ecosystem that have made a grant proposal, and their tokens will be released on January 31.

Grant proposals will be submitted to the Astrotrope, a Panvala advisory group, to be considered for its recommendation. Panvala’s token holders have been following the recommendations made by the Astrotrope so far. More info on Panvala’s governance can be found here.

Before recommending a slate of grants for Batch 5, the Astrotrope will incorporate feedback given by PAN holders. The best way to have your voice be heard is to comment on this post. We’ll be creating a thread like this one each quarter.

The Astrotrope will incorporate feedback on this thread into the final recommendation that will be submitted to the Ethereum network. Forum discussions are the main way for token holders to influence what work gets funded through Panvala.

  • What is your vision for Ethereum ecosystem funding?

  • What kind of projects should Panvala fund? Should we focus on ETH 2.0? Education? User onboarding? UX?

  • Do you have a specific project/team/individual in mind who you believe should receive a grant?

Let the Astrotrope know by commenting below! Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

For example:

“I believe Panvala’s Batch 5 of grants should be allocated to teams working on UX. If we want to increase DApp usage, it is important for us to keep improving the ways people interact with Ethereum through better UX patterns validated through user research.”

Feedback received before October 31 will be taken into account by the Astrotrope for Batch 5.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!