Donations are now live

Yesterday, Panvala started accepting donations, so PAN tokens are now moving on chain. You can take a look on Etherscan’s PAN token tracker.

There are two transfers (plus a token approval) for each donation. The first transaction swaps ETH for PAN, and the second transaction donates the PAN to Panvala. Donated PAN is locked in Panvala’s token supply. A contract called the “token capacitor” releases donated tokens with a half life of four years, like Bitcoin’s block reward. Here’s the token capacitor on Etherscan with a higher PAN balance than we launched it with thanks to the donations so far.

Panvala’s economics achieve the goals of a foundation by using the logic of a game: if you hold PAN, you get to influence Panvala’s grants, but you also want all your friends to play Panvala with you. The more donations there are, the more demand there is for the PAN you hold. That’s why you should ask your friends to donate at If you want them to join you as a PAN holder who can influence grants, they’ll need some PAN which they can get from Uniswap.

If we play Panvala well, the flow of donations that started yesterday will continue to grow, and it’ll never stop flowing.

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