February's Panvala League Expansion to 37 Communities

Panvala is the donation matching fund for communities to share, and the Panvala League is the main way we share it. Last quarter, 29 communities shared Panvala’s treasury to match their donations at 7.57x on average, and we’re excited to begin the expansion process for next quarter! Eight communities have been admitted to the League, and another batch of applications will be evaluated next month before the next donation matching round starts on March 10 to distribute 1,266,700 PAN from next quarter’s inflation.

We believe that Panvala’s treasury gets stronger the more we share it. Today, there are 37 communities in the Panvala League, and we’re aiming for thousands. We want your community to join us! Apply to join by Friday, March 5 to participate in March’s donation matching round.

Welcome these eight new communities to the League:

Circles UBI

Circles is a basic income made to promote local economy within your community.



Giveth is a community of makers building the future of giving.

WOCA (Women of Crypto Art)

Women of Crypto Art (WOCA) is a new community group formed to highlight and promote, collaborate and support any artist who identifies as a woman in the crypto art space. As a community we come together to share ideas, information, tips and general support in all things crypto art.

Dandelion Collective

Dandelion Collective is a UK-based not-for-profit worker co-op. Their flagship project is Dandelion (https://dandelion.earth), a web platform for ticketed events and co-created gatherings. They also put on a range of events themselves as the Psychedelic Society (http://psychedelicsociety.org.uk/).


Shenanigan provides a competitive and motivating platform for athletes of all types utilizing fiscal incentives to drive personal improvement.

People’s Cooperative

People’s Cooperative pools funds to help support each other and families in need especially with the growing impact of the pandemic. We also support and advance the benefit of blockchain to the general community in Nigeria.


Marma J Foundation

The Marma J Foundation was founded in mid-2019 with the simple goal of being an altruistic foundation with an efficient ability to spread love and positivity throughout the world. In September of the same year, the foundation moved to Antigua and Barbuda to start their very first hands-on projects.


The HackerVilla is a roving pop-up hacking space / hackathon that plans on sponsoring events around ETHX events and DevCon.