Gitcoin Grants Round Six: Earn Double Matching For Your Favorite Projects

When you make a contribution to eligible projects in PAN instead of in DAI, you raise more money for Ethereum public goods, without spending more.

Double Matching: Previous Results

For the previous Gitcoin Grants Round, we ran a Double Matching experiment to showcase how Panvala can help raise more money for Ethereum public goods.

Gitcoin matched all donations, and Panvala provided a second, extra match for all donations made in PAN tokens.

The result? 268 PAN donations, and a multiplier of 12.9x, raising an extra $26,740 for Ethereum public goods.

The top projects got $1k - $5k more in funding because some of their donations were made in PAN instead of in DAI!

Panvala’s plans for Gitcoin Grants Round Six

Just like in Round Five, a matching pool of PAN tokens is available for Gitcoin Grants Round Six. This quarter, 1.4M PAN are available for matching.

However, we’ve decided to change things up a bit. Going forward, we want to put communities in charge of their share of Panvala’s matching budget. Communities earn their budget by staking PAN tokens for their community. You can read more about why we made that decision here.

Instead of all PAN donations being matched, only PAN donations to projects chosen by participating communities in the Ethereum ecosystem will be matched.

Five communities (Hashing it Out, Commons Stack, DAppNode, MetaCartel, and DXdao) have started Panvala staking clusters to earn matching funds for the donations they make on Gitcoin Grants.

Sounds good. How can I earn double matching?

For every PAN donation made to a Gitcoin Grant that is eligible for double matching, both Gitcoin and Panvala will match it. At the conclusion of the grants round, the 1.5m PAN will be distributed using the same CLR formula that Gitcoin uses.

How to earn double matching in 3 simple steps

  1. Check if your favorite projects are eligible for double matching here.
  2. Get PAN tokens for your donation from Uniswap.
  3. When you’re making your donation, select “PAN” from the token selector, and donate as many PAN as you want.
  4. Your PAN donation will be matched by Gitcoin and Panvala, raising more funds for the projects you donate to.

That’s all!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us here or on Twitter.

We’re excited to see which projects will receive double matching in Gitcoin Grants Round Six!