Grantee Update #1

What have Panvala's grantees been up to?

This is a bi-weekly update with the most important announcements of our grantees.

Gitcoin announces CLR Round 3

On September 9, Gitcoin announced it’s Q3 Match: $100k+ in funds will be allocated to OSS Projects.

Because of the way quadratic funding works, every donation matters a lot - no matter the dollar amount!

For example:

  • A $1 donation to Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse client will be matched with 236 DAI;

  • A $1 donation to Black Girls Code will be matched with 167 DAI;

  • A $1 donation to Vyper will be matched with 156 DAI;

Added bonus: Everyone that contributes will receive a Gitcoin Kudos which will signify their contribution.

The matching period ends on September 30th.

You can find more info in this article on Gitcoin’s blog.

Runtime Verification joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Runtime Verification is a technology company that utilizes formal models to analyze computer programs to identify bugs, errors, holes and possible exploits. Since 2017, they have been applying formal verification techniques to the blockchain space.

On September 3, they announced that they have joined the EEA - the de facto standards organization for enterprise blockchain.

As a member of the EEA, Runtime Verification will collaborate with industry leaders in pursuit of Ethereum-based enterprise technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures.

Read more here.

Tenderly releases their new Slack App

Tenderly, a platform for Ethereum smart contracts monitoring, announced the release of their new Slack app: Slack is now an alert destination.That means you can set up alerts that will notify you in real-time, on Slack, whenever a specific Event or Log gets emitted during the execution of your smart contract.

Read the entire update here.

Interview with Tobias from the Gnosis Team

Tobias Schubotz, product manager, talks everything Gnosis Safe in an interview with DefiPrime.

Topics discussed:

  • His background and what he’s currently working on
  • Gnosis Safe’s backstory
  • What went into building Gnosis Safe?
  • Gnosis Safe’s business model
  • Goals for the future
  • Future thoughts for the DeFi market

You can read the interview on DefiPrime.

Jorge Izquierdo (Aragon One) gave a presentation at DappCon 2019

Aragon One’s CTO, Jorge Izquierdo, gave a presentation on “Building a new digital jurisdiction for DAO’s” at DappCon Berlin.

Watch the video here.

The Bounties Network publishes their documentary: The Bounty For Basura

The Bounties Network has been testing the influence of social impact bounties for a while now, with one of their projects being “Bounties for the Oceans” - incentivizing plastic cleanup action on a local and global level.

As part of their Bounties for the Oceans project, the Bounties Network team visited Manila Bay in December 2018 to run a cleanup with local volunteers.

There, they filmed ‘The Bounty For Basura’, which is a documentary about ‘how crypto-based incentives can fix community issues and reinvent what it means to work in the 21st century.’

The documentary won the Colorado International Activism Film Festival award, and was officially selected for 4 other awards. 10000 % worth the watch!

The Bounty for Basura explores one of the key applications for the Ethereum blockchain in redesigning community impact systems and creating new means of income through blockchain based incentive mechanisms.

Watch the documentary here.

LevelK is spinning out their auditing business into its own entity: ZeroTrust

As part of their mission to help grow the Ethereum ecosystem, LevelK has been auditing projects in the space. To focus their efforts, they are now spinning out their auditing business in a new entity called ZeroTrust.

Level K will continue the development and building of contracts, applications and blockchain systems, while ZeroTrust will handle all audits.

You can read more here.

Which of these announcements are you most excited about?:thinking: