How We Admitted WhalerDAO to the Panvala League


Today, we’re happy to announce that WhalerDAO has been admitted to the Panvala League as its 11th member. WhalerDAO is a community of builders, researchers, legal experts, and community influencers who are dedicated to help solve the plethora of problems that the world is facing, using the power of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). As part of the Panvala League, they’ll share Panvala’s sustainable treasury and use it to support their community. You can now stake PAN for WhalerDAO at to help them earn more capacity, and you can donate PAN to WhalerDAO to help them use up their capacity with more quadratic funding.

To demonstrate how the Panvala League makes decisions, here’s how the process went for admitting WhalerDAO to the League. On Wednesday, September 23, the discussion kicked off in the Telegram group for Panvala League community contacts. Yalor, one of the contacts for MetaCartel, asked how we could get WhalerDAO added to the League so they can benefit from this quarter’s inflation. The answer is that the League decides! The League’s recommendations are included in the Panvala Caucus’s quarterly recommendations to the token holders, who can accept or reject the recommendations.

The normal process for adding communities to the League is to evaluate them and add them in quarterly batches, like we did this quarter for Meta Gamma Delta, KERNEL, future modern, DePo DAO, and SheFi. Since we needed to make a decision quickly for WhalerDAO to benefit from this quarter’s inflation, Niran, the Chair of the Panvala Caucus, started a poll in the Telegram group to get a feel for whether people were comfortable with an expedited process. With five votes for moving quickly and one vote to evaluate WhalerDAO for next quarter instead, we proceeded with the expedited process.

To apply for admission to the Panvala League, WhalerDAO updated their Gitcoin Grant to align with the League. First, since the Panvala League funds communities, not just projects, each community needs a plan for what they’ll do with any extra funds. To address this, WhalerDAO added a stretch goal to their grant: funds received that exceed the needs of their primary goal (a security audit) will directly fund the charity treasury used by TREE, and will eventually be paid out to charities as decided by TREE holders using Conviction Voting.

Secondly, a concern was raised about how WhalerDAO’s mission might affect other current and future communities in the Panvala League. If the primary goal is to “influence the governance systems of the various DeFi protocols," wouldn’t that make it hard to work with communities that disagree with the changes WhalerDAO seeks? It’s better when Panvala League communities are focused on what their own community does rather than trying to change other people’s behavior: that’s what allows all sorts of different communities to find space to cooperate within the League because they’re all doing their own thing. In response, WhalerDAO clarified the language they use to explain their mission: they’re not trying to encroach on other communities, they’re trying to achieve their goals “by collaborating with existing DeFi governance systems, formally and informally so as to guide them towards a more democracratic solution.”

With those issues addressed, it was up to the existing Panvala League communities to decide whether to admit or reject WhalerDAO. Each Panvala League community has a say in who joins, and the weight of their opinion is roughly their share of the quarterly funding on the Panvala League scoreboard. We want broad agreement for these kinds of decisions, so we’re using a two-thirds supermajority: that means one third of the voting weight can reject an application. Both the voting weights and the approval thresholds for the Panvala League will be refined over time.

With no objections to WhalerDAO’s admission, we have now admitted WhalerDAO to the Panvala League. Welcome to the League! We’re looking forward to sharing our sustainable treasury with your community, and with thousands more communities as we grow.

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