Is it already possible to trade PAN for ETH at Uniswap?

Or is there any other way to exchange PAN for ETH?

Thanks for your question! Yes, PAN can be exchanged on Uniswap. We’re launching the donations interface next week, and Uniswap will be the default place for donors to get the PAN they need for their donations. PAN can be exchanged however you want: through Uniswap for ETH, directly with a buyer using USD, or on any exchange that decides to list it.

Great! Looking forward to it!
I found this uniswap exchange address 0xF53bBFBff01c50F2D42D542b09637DcA97935fF7. It is loaded with 100 ETH against 500,000 PAN. Is this going to be the starting exchange rate? Or are you willing to add more ETH (or PAN) before launching the interface?

That’s not really the starting exchange rate. PAN is worth zero: it has never been traded for anything. Initializing Uniswap with 100 ETH provides 200 ETH of starting liquidity, no matter what’s on the other side. The market decides the value of PAN.

Nope, no plans to touch Uniswap.

Got it, thank you! Now when the interface is live, I can see on the exchange contract people making donations. It is great to see the system working!

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Yes! We’re so excited to see donations being made on chain :star_struck: