March's Panvala League Expansion to 42 Communities and 4 Coalitions

Panvala is the donation matching fund for communities to share, and the Panvala League is the main way we share it. Last quarter, 29 communities shared Panvala’s treasury to match their donations at 7.57x on average, and eight more communities were admitted in February! Today, five more communities have been admitted to the League for the donation matching round that will distribute 1,266,700 PAN from this quarter’s inflation. Our quarterly fundraising drive begins tomorrow.

In addition, four coalitions have formed within the Panvala League. Panvala’s coalitions are like divisions in a sports league or departments in a university. Communities in a coalition work together to grow. They grow their own communities by adding more members, and they grow the coalition by adding similar communities. Each coalition shares an additional multisig wallet that is funded by the Panvala League with a 15% bonus on what the member communities have earned.

We believe that Panvala’s treasury gets stronger the more we share it. Today, there are 42 communities in the Panvala League, and we’re aiming for thousands. We want your community to join us! Apply to join as soon as possible, and your community will be considered for admission for this quarter or next quarter.


Welcome these five new communities to Panvala:


PrimeDAO is a collective of Web 3 builders and creators committed to enabling the DeFi space’s systemic innovation. We’re collectively building and governing protocols that support DAO 2 DAO value creation.

Senary Commonwealth

Senary Commonwealth supports web-based public utilities that democratize opportunity, more justly accrue and distribute value, and promote our greater humanity.

Kolektivo Labs

Kolektivo Labs is a systems innovation lab committed to unleashing the full potential of human coordination. We do this by implementing Web 3 primitives in a real-world setting. We’ve launched CuraDAO, a social-impact DAO in Curacao, in 2019.

Austin Meetups Fund

The Austin Meetups Fund is a donation-based fund shared by all local meetup groups who choose to participate. The goal of the fund is to build community, reward outstanding meetup contributors, and use new technology at the same time.


DoinGud is a community of over +1800 individuals creating an NFT marketplace and social platform fully focused on doing good by empowering artist, creators, collectors, curators and social organizations to support one another and become self-owned, self-sustained and self-governed.


Here are the four coalitions that have formed within the Panvala League:

  • Regenerative Commons Coalition (Leader: WhyldWanderer)
    • Giveth
    • Commons Stack
    • Bloom Network
  • Crypto Art Coalition (Leader: audsssy)
    • Mol LeArt
    • NFThub
    • Women of Crypto Art
  • Digital Identity Coalition (Leader: Petr Porobov)
    • Handshake Development Fund
    • Upala
    • BrightID
    • future modern
  • Women-Led Web3 Coalition * (Leader: Muskan Kalra)
    • Meta Gamma Delta
    • Women of Crypto Art
    • * needs at least three members to qualify for the bonus coalition funding

great to see how it’s growing. We’ll tell our donors to use PAN for donations in Gitcoin