May's Panvala League Expansion to 52 Communities

Panvala is the donation matching fund for communities to share, and the Panvala League is the main way we share it. Last quarter, 47 communities shared Panvala’s treasury to match their donations at 2x on average! Today, five more communities have been admitted to the League for the donation matching round that will distribute 1,232,726 PAN from this quarter’s inflation. Our quarterly fundraising drive starts June 9.

We believe that Panvala’s treasury gets stronger the more we share it. Today, there are 52 communities in the Panvala League, and we’re aiming for thousands. We want your community to join us! The next Panvala League application deadline is Friday, June 4.


Welcome these five new communities to Panvala:


MyCrypto is an open-source, client-side tool for interacting with the blockchain. Developed by and for the community beginning in 2015, we’re focused on building awesome products that put the power in people’s hands. MyCrypto’s CryptoScamDB initiative is dedicated to creating a safer cryptospace by educating the public on best security practices, uncovering malicious actors, and exposing scams, as well as providing scam detection services that can be integrated into existing products.


nfDAO is a community DAO whose primary mission is to support and fund NFT projects, that we believe will unlock a new era of mass adoption from NFTs. We operate by supporting and helping NFT projects grow, from their earlier stages of operation. When passionate and knowledgeable community members support the Blockchain ecosystem, we can achieve greater adoption and value for the whole industry.

Njombe Innovation Academy

Njombe region´s main economic activities are agriculture (76.3% of GDP) and livestock

keeping. Local youth have few employment opportunities. Could we create an environment where local youth gain the tools and mindset to transform the challenges that surround them into social enterprises? The Social Innovation Academy model has proven that through a cost-effective and “freesponsible” community approach, marginalized youth can become self-reliant and can create a future for themselves through social enterprises, which in turn disrupt the root causes of social problems. Social enterprises which emerged range from organic mosquito repellent soap to construction out of plastic bottles or a flooring solution from plastic bags and eggshells.


ThinkBetter is a Toronto based not-for-profit group that teaches advanced thinking skills and evidence based self-improvement techniques. The rationality concepts we teach assist people to accelerate their personal growth. We believe that excellent critical thinking skills are necessary for a happy and healthy society. We’re exploring the best contexts to make learning more effective, guided by the question, “how do we enable humans, both as individuals and communities, to learn from each other?”

Guerrilla Music

Guerrilla Music was founded by Sourav Deb, and Sky Hayward with the intention of doing things differently. We wanted to create a “for the artist, by the artist” type of company. Our goal from the beginning has been to empower artists of all disciplines. Currently we’re working on raising money for artists and musicians in Accra, Ghana. Our goal is to put 100% of the proceeds into buying laptops and internet cards for people who have powerful voices with no resources. As part of the package, we’ll give the recipients our Blockchain Empowerment Program for free, so they can learn about cryptocurrency, how to set up wallets, open stores and mint their own NFT’s.

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