Mintgate integration question


I’m here to ask a question about your integration with Mintgate to gate your monthly calls for $PAN holders only. Would love anything you could share about pros/cons of the integration as we evaluate it for another community.

Thanks for your time and anything you can share.


Hello @GrandMarquis! We’re big fans of MintGate: they make it extremely simple to put any URL behind a token gate. It’s the perfect social tool for showing people when tokens are necessary to participate.

Which community are you considering MintGate for? It is a platform where creators can launch their own digital currency to own their economy and more closely engage with their true fans across platforms. I’m just a community member there, but I recommend checking it out!
They brought forth a proposal that seems promising if creators in the network are at all keen on a service to gate exclusive Web2 based-content behind creator token holding thresholds. Could likely be a foundation for other services, or perhaps even a template for further businesses built on top of Rally that empower creator/fan communities…it’s up to the $RLY community to judge!
Thanks for the endorsement of Mintgate! Appreciate the quick response here.