November’s Panvala League Expansion to 25 Communities

Panvala is the sustainable treasury for communities to share, and the Panvala League is the main way we share it. Ten communities shared Panvala’s treasury last quarter to match their donations at 10.26x, and six more communities were admitted in October. Today, we’re happy to announce that nine more communities have been admitted to the Panvala League, for a total of 24 communities! The next donation matching round starts on December 2 to distribute 1,311,990 PAN from this quarter’s inflation.

We’re especially happy to admit MetaSpace to the League so we can illustrate more aspects of Panvala’s economics in practice. In addition to collecting donations, MetaSpace hosts ticketed events for their community to attend. When these tickets are purchased with PAN, they count as donations to MetaSpace that can be matched by Panvala’s inflation. Panvala aims to be a perpetual endowment that subsidizes anything that communities share with each other, including ticketed events, clubs with membership fees, fees for a community’s cloud service providers, and the simple donations approach that is already widespread in the Panvala League.

We believe that Panvala’s treasury gets stronger the more we share it. Today, there are 25 communities in the Panvala League, and we’re aiming for thousands. We want your community to join us! The deadline for this quarter has passed, but we’ll either find a way to squeeze you in for this quarter, or fast track your application for next quarter.

Welcome these nine new communities to the League:


NFThub is an upcoming community-driven platform with an extensive directory and analytics for all things NFT.


MetaGame’s community aims to build a new world as a layer atop of the old one. They use SourceCred to track contributions from community members, and reward contributors with SEED tokens.


MetaSpace is a hub for exploring health and wellness in Web3 communities. Bringing professionals from many disciplines together to share their knowledge and experience through discussions, classes, and retreats while creating a bridge between healing practitioners and the Web3 community.


Rotki is an open source portfolio tracking, accounting, analytics and tax reporting tool that protects your privacy. The mission of Rotki is to bring transparency into the crypto and financial sectors through the use of open source local-first tech.

Ethereum France

Ethereum France is a French non-profit organization mainstreaming blockchain and Ethereum in all French-speaking countries. It runs the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Three intense days of conferences, networking, learning and (covid-free) partying.

Trips Community

Trips Community aims to build a completely decentralized vacation rental platform (think “Airbnb the platform, without Airbnb the company”), along with the tools to help users transition from today’s online marketplaces to Web 3 marketplaces.


Abridged creates delightful web3 experiences with the ability to onboard anyone to receive value from crypto. Recently, they created Collab.Land. This free service allows anyone to create a tokenized online community with existing social interfaces like Telegram and Discord.


BrightID is a social identity network that allows you to prove that you’re only using one account. It’s the holy grail of digital identity.


Upala is an anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity. It provides a digital identity uniqueness score in dollars (price of forgery).