October’s Panvala League Expansion to 16 Communities

Panvala is the sustainable treasury for communities to share, and the Panvala League is the main way we share it. Ten communities shared Panvala’s treasury last quarter to match their donations at 10.26x, and we’re excited to begin the expansion process for next quarter! Six communities have been admitted to the League, and another batch of applications will be evaluated next month before the next donation matching round starts on December 2 to distribute 1,311,990 PAN from next quarter’s inflation.

We believe that Panvala’s treasury gets stronger the more we share it. Today, there are sixteen communities in the Panvala League, and we’re aiming for thousands. We want your community to join us! Apply to join by Friday, November 13 to participate in December’s donation matching round.

Welcome these six new communities to the League:

Matic Mitra

Matic Mitra is Matic’s community engagement program with deep roots in the Indian blockchain ecosystem.


FightPandemics is an open source altruistic platform that connects individuals and organizations that need help with those that can provide it at the local and global level.

lab10 collective

lab10 collective is the cooperative behind the Minerva Wallet that aims to co-create a zero-carbon society. Their work uses a non-extractive business model: their clients pay for features they need in the wallet, which they build and release as open source software.

DeFi Safety

DeFi Safety performs community funded Process and Quality Audits on DeFi contracts. They answer standard questions using the public artifacts (website, GitHub, documentation) to find the answers. The result is a simple % score.


Web3Bridge (formerly 500NigeriaDevs4Eth) is designed to be a bridge connecting web2 developers in Africa into web3. The program runs an 8-week remote learning plan which has been in operation since October 2019.

Mol LeArt

Mol LeArt is a DAO representing Web3 creative commons, where we create smart NFTs that work for creators.