Panvala Town Hall 3.0

I have some suggestions & ideas on how to spice up our monthly Town Hall.


  • Create clear ways for contributors to curate, coordinate, and facilitate town halls for the community
  • Enhance our cultural build through expression, listening & traditions
  • Foster positive shared experiences


Create a totally self-drivable speakers sign-up process

Start by building a sharable application for speakers that lives on Encourage sharing the link whenever applicable, for instance, at a community check in call, coalition meeting, or when engaging with a thought leader who you want to invite to speak at Panvala.

Pipe the results of the form submissions to a channel in our Discord #TownHallSpeakers, creating a democratic space for the Panvala community to view application submissions & rank them for interest. Use emojis to signal. People can mark a submission with a flame :fire:to indicate interest or with a waving hand :wave:to indicate that they booked this person to speak.

Update Meeting Format

  1. Crowdsource new elements to make our Town Hall’s unique and enhance the cultural build.

    Create new a list of intentional opening & closing rituals and have the community vote on the ones they like the best. :point_down:

    Some ideas to start off the list:

    • Movement/meditation to get attendees present & grounded @Rachel
    • Music at the intro or outro
    • Notable Art, Meme or Tweet
  2. Create a volunteer moderator role to introduce and run QA for speakers. This can literally be done at the call by volunteer, as long as the moderator rules are easy, anyone can play ref.

    Suggested customs:

    • Raise hand on Zoom to speak
    • Keep to time limit
    • Be light handed with critique
    • Share the floor with those who volunteer less often to speak

Introduce incentives for participation

  • Give bonuses in PAN to presenters
  • Donation to charity - Have the community vote on a charity to receive a donation from Panvala each month. Announce that at the Town Hall. Increase the amount of the donation for each attendee at the meeting. This can come from a fund set aside for philanthropy.

:blush: Feedback is welcome & encouraged! :clap: