The Panvala Caucus's Batch Eight Recommendations

The Panvala Caucus is excited to publish our draft recommendations for Batch Seven of Panvala’s grant program. 1,826,580 PAN will be released from Panvala’s token supply on October 30. This quarter’s budget continues the successful trajectory of the Panvala League by expanding from five communities to ten communities.

Panvala is a sustainable treasury for the world to share. We subsidize communities the same way the Bitcoin network subsidizes its security: by inflating the supply of PAN. Last quarter, the Panvala League’s five communities successfully matched donations at 4x on Gitcoin Grants, distributing a total of $55,000 to the projects they supported with an average donation of $20. If Bitcoin’s track record holds for Panvala, we will be able to continue these large subsidies for over a decade. We believe we can share these subsidies with as many communities as possible.

The Panvala Caucus is Panvala’s version of Ethereum’s Core Devs: we make recommendations that Panvala can accept or reject. We currently have 27 members that work together to make recommendations that we think represent the consensus of PAN token holders. We want you to join us! If you’re interested in joining the Caucus, send an email to

Feedback on this draft recommendation is welcome! Leave comments on this thread with your thoughts. We intend to submit our recommendation on-chain on Friday, September 4.

Panvala League Matching Budget

1,369,935 PAN

Following the Panvala League’s donation matching success with the initial five communities last quarter, we’re continuing matching for the existing communities (Commons Stack, DAppNode, MetaCartel, DXdao, and Hashing it Out), and adding five expansion communities: KERNEL, future modern, Meta Gamma Delta, SheFi, and DePo DAO. We’ve allocated 75% of the quarter’s budget to matching communities in the Panvala League.

Gitcoin Grants Platform

200,000 PAN

Gitcoin Grants has been a key part of Panvala’s donation matching program for three quarters now. Their work provided the foundation for a culture of generosity within the Ethereum ecosystem, and they’ve made customizations to their codebase to help Panvala succeed, like pulling PAN prices from Uniswap to display in the Gitcoin interface. This grant aims to reward Gitcoin for their work so far, and to ensure that they have PAN tokens that they can use to influence Panvala itself.

Panvala Marketing

200,000 PAN

To spread the message about Panvala’s mission to generalize Bitcoin’s economics to subsidize whatever we want, we continue to produce marketing materials for Panvala. We also purchase ads and pay for marketing tools to support these efforts.

Panvala Caucus: Batch Seven Recommendations

56,645 PAN

The Panvala Caucus collected and reviewed applications for Panvala’s Batch Eight, and issued a recommendation for the community to evaluate.