The Panvala Caucus's Batch Nine Recommendations

The Panvala Caucus is excited to publish our draft recommendations for Batch Nine of Panvala’s grant program. 1,755,937 PAN will be released from Panvala’s token supply on January 29.

Panvala is a sustainable treasury for the world to share. We subsidize communities the same way the Bitcoin network subsidizes its security: by inflating the supply of PAN. Last quarter, the Panvala League’s ten communities successfully matched donations at 10.26x on Gitcoin Grants, distributing a total of $150,000 to the projects they supported. If Bitcoin’s track record holds for Panvala, we will be able to continue these large subsidies for over a decade. We believe we can share these subsidies with as many communities as possible.

The Panvala Caucus is Panvala’s version of Ethereum’s Core Devs: we make high-level recommendations that Panvala can accept or reject. We currently have 27 members who work together to make recommendations that we think represent the consensus of PAN token holders. We want you to join us if you’re interested!

Feedback on this draft recommendation is welcome! Leave comments on this thread with your thoughts. We intend to submit our recommendation on-chain on Friday, December 4.

Panvala League Matching Budget

Panvala League (0x9e86dab80c154C2B4F39AC6600baa341e3517825)
1,316,952.75 PAN (75%)

Communities in the Panvala League stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching capacity from Panvala’s inflation. These funds go into each community’s wallet, where they can use them on anything their community shares together, like open source code, events, and awards for achievements that the community values. In recent quarters, 75% of Panvala’s quarterly inflation has been allocated to the Panvala League, which was able to match donations for each community at an average of 10.26x last quarter. These tokens are released from the decaying token supply to the Panvala League multisig, where they are then distributed to each community’s wallet.

Activities Fund Budget

Activities Fund (0xe44f10A925411A3a0086E5EDba8A4399C6F75ad6)
87,796.85 PAN (5%)

The Activities Fund is a member-run portion of Panvala’s budget focused on social life. It awards grants for events, arts, and (e-)sports that bring people together across Panvala’s communities, especially members of the Activities Fund itself. It’s modeled on university student governments that fund social life on campuses. These grants are usually used for prizes or food (for in-person events) to encourage higher attendance at events.

To choose which future events should receive funding, join the Activities Fund on the Panvala Discord server! The first set of signers for the Activities Fund multisig will be chosen in January by the stewards : each person on Discord who holds at least 1000 PAN and opts in to run the Activites Fund. Once we’ve chosen signers, the Activities Fund stewards will have through January 29 to which grants to award. PAN tokens will be released to the Activities Fund multisig from Panvala’s inflation on January 29.

Panvala Improvements

Panvala Caucus (0x6F8391F5e3d9Cae332653e4C1eA97064acF55474)
316,068.66 PAN (18%)

Ongoing work on improving Panvala can be rewarded from the Panvala Improvements budget at the discretion of the Panvala Caucus. This has been used for marketing, development, referral rewards, and provisional funding programs, like last quarter’s preliminary Activities Fund.

Batch Nine Recommendations Reward

Panvala Caucus (0x6F8391F5e3d9Cae332653e4C1eA97064acF55474)
35,118.74 PAN (2%)

The Panvala Caucus collected and reviewed proposals for Panvala’s Batch Nine, and issued a recommendation for the community to evaluate. We set aside a Recommendations Reward each quarter to reward whoever helps the community reach consensus and submits that recommendation on chain.