The Panvala Caucus's Batch Six Recommendations

The Panvala Caucus is excited to publish our draft recommendations for Batch Six of Panvala’s grant program. 1,964,644 PAN will be released from Panvala’s token supply on May 1. These grants are made possible by donations from our sponsors: Unstoppable Domains, Helium, and MythX.

Panvala’s mission is to generalize the economics of Bitcoin. Bitcoin inflates its money supply to subsidize the mining work that secures the Bitcoin network. Panvala inflates its money supply to subsidize whatever we want. Panvala’s token supply matched donations at 11.2x last quarter, and if Bitcoin’s track record holds, we will be able to continue these large subsidies for over a decade.

We believe we can share these subsidies with as many communities as possible. To demonstrate this, our recommendations for this quarter focus on matching grants issued across the Ethereum community rather than our previous practice of issuing our own grants. Over time, we see Panvala acting less as its own grant program and more as an economic platform for communities to plug into to earn matching funds for their contributions.

The Panvala Caucus is Panvala’s version of Ethereum’s Core Devs: we make recommendations that Panvala can accept or reject. We currently have 20 members that work together to make recommendations that we think represent the consensus of PAN token holders. We want you to join us! If you’re interested in joining the Caucus, send an email to

Feedback on this draft recommendation is welcome! Leave comments on this thread with your thoughts. We intend to submit our recommendation on-chain on Saturday, March 7.

Panvala Caucus: March Matching

1,500,000 PAN

This quarter, we want to use a significant portion of the budget to match grants being issued across the Ethereum community. Our primary goal is to match donations made during the next round of CLR matching for Gitcoin Grants. Donations made in PAN would be matched with a portion of this matching pool using the same CLR formula.
We’re also looking for other grant programs that are interested in having their grants matched by Panvala. We want to subsidize Ethereum development using the same economic model that we already use to successfully subsidize the security of the blockchain itself. We will use a portion of this grant to match grants from programs that take us up on this offer.

Anyblock Analytics: Panvala Dashboard

150,000 PAN

One of the core features of public blockchains is availability of all data on the ledger - however, in practise it is hard to find and to actually make sense out of it. Particularly for use cases like social impact donation or public goods development grants, transparency is important in order for (potential) supporters to gain the trust needed to confidently support the cause.

This is why we want to build a publicly available dashboard for Panvala donations. We can leverage the Anyblock Index along with our Metabase SQL visualization layer to generate a graphical overview such as the examples shown on It uses the on-chain data of the Panvala smart contract and displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in a way that is easy to understand. With the added filtering possibilities, the user is able to drill-down from the overview into specific transactions, for example to see his own donation.

Asseth: EthCC

60,000 PAN

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. The event includes three intense days of conferences, networking and learning. All talks will be livestreamed, saved and shared to serve as a resource for the Ethereum community, including a security track of 420 minutes with additional workshops. To grow the community, we promote the event to students who access the conference for free.

Panvala Caucus: Marketing

200,000 PAN

To spread the message about Panvala’s mission to generalize Bitcoin’s economics to subsidize whatever we want, we continue to produce marketing materials for Panvala. We also purchase ads and pay for marketing tools to support these efforts.

Panvala Caucus: Batch Six Recommendations

49,644 PAN

The Panvala Caucus collected and reviewed applications for Panvala’s Batch Six, and issued a recommendation for the community to evaluate.

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