The Panvala League's Batch 11 Recommendations

The Panvala League is excited to publish our draft recommendations for Batch 11 of Panvala’s quarterly budget. 1,643,635.27 PAN will be released from Panvala’s token supply on July 30.

Panvala is a donation matching fund for the world to share. We subsidize communities the same way the Bitcoin network subsidizes its security: by inflating the supply of PAN. Last quarter, the Panvala League’s 47 communities successfully matched donations at 2x on Gitcoin Grants. If Bitcoin’s track record holds for Panvala, we will be able to continue these large subsidies for over a decade. We believe we can share these subsidies with as many communities as possible.

Panvala’s governance process has been updated for Batch 11. It includes three components:

  1. The Panvala League is at the core of Panvala’s governance. It is governed by representatives from each of its communities. While token voting has a role to play in Panvala, we aim for the communities who benefit from Panvala to be the source of our budget recommendations.
  2. The Panvala Token Holders Association (THA) is where individual token holders across Panvala’s communities come together to socialize and to play a minor role in Panvala’s governance. The THA doesn’t make budget recommendations, but has the power to veto the Panvala League’s recommendations when they deviate from Panvala’s mission and values. When there are no disputes, the THA submits the Panvala League’s recommendations on chain.
  3. Lastly, Panvala’s smart contracts govern the release of Panvala’s inflation on chain each quarter. The inflation rate is hardcoded with a half-life of four years (like Bitcoin), but the recommendations submitted on chain determine the destination for each quarter’s tokens. If there are no disputes on chain, the recommendation is executed. If there are disputes, token voting takes place on chain to select the winning recommendation, and the losing recommendations lose the staked PAN tokens that are required to submit each recommendation.

Feedback on this draft recommendation is welcome! Leave comments on this thread with your thoughts. We intend to submit our recommendation on-chain on Sunday, June 6.

Panvala League Matching Budget

Panvala League (0x9e86dab80c154C2B4F39AC6600baa341e3517825)
1,232,726.45 PAN (75%)

Communities in the Panvala League stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching capacity from Panvala’s inflation. These funds go into each community’s wallet, where they can use them on anything their community shares together, like open source code, events, and awards for achievements that the community values. In recent quarters, 75% of Panvala’s quarterly inflation has been allocated to the Panvala League, which was able to match donations for each community at an average of 2x last quarter. These tokens are released from the decaying token supply to the Panvala League multisig , where they are then distributed to each community’s wallet.

Activities Fund Budget

Activities Fund (0xe44f10A925411A3a0086E5EDba8A4399C6F75ad6)
82,181.76 PAN (5%)

The Activities Fund is a member-run portion of Panvala’s budget focused on social life. It awards grants for events, arts, and (e-)sports that bring people together across Panvala’s communities, especially members of the Activities Fund itself. It’s modeled on university student governments that fund social life on campuses. These grants are usually used for prizes or food (for in-person events) to encourage higher attendance at events.

To choose which future events should receive funding, join the Activities Fund on the Panvala Discord server!

Panvala Fellows Budget

Panvala Fellows (0x47aE9FaF3AbeA7b2acAC69aB0A7B939201FeA5F6)
82,181.76 PAN (5%)

Want to earn PAN by using your skills to help Panvala? Apply to become a Panvala Fellow! Fellows work on Panvala part-time by lending their skills wherever they think they can improve Panvala. The existing fellows evaluate prospective fellows, and collectively manage the Fellows multisig.

Ideal applicants are existing Panvala community members who have already contributed in some way to Panvala, and who are active in one of the Panvala League’s communities.

Say hello in the #future-fellows channel in Discord to get started.

Panvala Improvements: General

Panvala Progress Company (0x6F8391F5e3d9Cae332653e4C1eA97064acF55474)
106,836.30 PAN (6.5%)

Each quarter, the Panvala Progress Company is allocated a portion of the inflation for ongoing work on Panvala. This has been used for marketing, development, referral rewards, and provisional funding programs, like the initial versions of the Activities Fund and Panvala Fellows programs.

Panvala Improvements: Engineering

AktaryTech (0x06A2f84bAb3872E04d9495bE8C43F9E2281411a1)
106,836.30 PAN (6.5%)

AktaryTech provides software engineering services to improve Panvala. Their latest work on Panvala included the community pages that launched for each community on in March.

Batch 11 Recommendations Reward

Panvala Progress Company (0x6F8391F5e3d9Cae332653e4C1eA97064acF55474)
32,872.70 PAN (2%)

Panvala sets aside a Recommendations Reward each quarter to reward whoever helps the community reach consensus and submits that recommendation on chain.