The Panvala Poll: Help decide which Ethereum Projects get funded

Which Ethereum projects should be funded? Here’s how you can help decide.

Hi Panvala community,

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Panvala Poll!

The Panvala Poll is a novel way for Ethereum community members to give their opinion on funding priorities in the Ethereum ecosystem, while at the same time putting ETH in the hands of our current grant recipients.

Why this poll?

Since February 2019, the Panvala community has been awarding PAN token grants to teams working on projects that benefit the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

For example, BlockRocket has received a grant for their work on PleaseRelayMe — a free transaction relayer that helps developers funnel interest earned on Compound (or other platforms) in the form of DAI or ETH to fund transactions for all to use. Enabling this will mean that new users to the ecosystem can be shielded from gas costs for their first interactions with Ethereum.

In the Panvala community, we’re not only committed to funding the work that Ethereum depends upon, but also to ensuring we keep raising the bar for grant allocation processes in the ecosystem. Part of that is making sure we always incorporate the opinion of token holders — community members like you who are devoted to Ethereum’s success. After all, that success depends, for the most part, on the community itself.

The Panvala Poll is meant to surface the opinions and priorities of Panvala’s token holders, and make this information available to the community as a whole. This information helps the community to make informed decisions about where to allocate grants during each quarterly batch.

How can I participate?

To participate, you’ll want to first ensure that you have MetaMask installed, and that your PAN tokens are in your MetaMask wallet. You can increase your voting power by purchasing additional tokens on UniSwap. While purchasing tokens on UniSwap, you are not just increasing your voting power, but also the demand for PAN tokens. Your new voting power makes it easier for grant recipients to sell their tokens and fund their work.

Next, you’ll want to connect your MetaMask wallet on the Panvala Poll page. Once it is connected, the app will indicate your balance in the application, and you can get started.

On the poll, you’ll find a list of categories, each outlining the category’s details and some examples of the category in question. Beside each category is a field where you can indicate the percentage of the quarterly budget that you believe should be allocated to this category.

Make sure your percentages add up to 100%. Don’t worry, the app will help you if you have trouble with maths. :wink:

Finally, go ahead and submit your preferences. The product will prompt you to sign using your MetaMask wallet (no transactions required), and will let you know what your current voting power is.

An important thing to note: the polls lasts from November 18 to November 22 . If you sell your tokens or move them to another wallet, the voting power of this wallet address will be whatever it is at the end of the poll. Inversely, this means that if you purchase more tokens before the end of the poll, your voting power will be increased.

Why would I participate?

Through participating, you:

  • Directly influence which categories will receive the most funding in Panvala’s next batch
  • Help fund the work the Ethereum ecosystem depends on
  • Put ETH in the hands of our current grant recipients
  • Join a community of people working together to improve Ethereum’s funding mechanisms

What are you waiting for? Participate in the Panvala Poll and help decide which Ethereum projects get funded in Panvala’s next quarterly batch!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile: