Welcome to Panvala! Please introduce yourself 🎉

Welcome to the Panvala Forum!

We think it is important to create a space for you all to share a little bit more about who you are and to connect with other community members.

Here’s some questions to get started, but feel free to tell us everything you’d like (as related to this topic)!

  • Who are you?

  • What projects are you currently working on?

  • How did you learn about Panvala?

  • Have you met the Panvala Launch Team or other community members at a meet-up or event?

  • What’s your favorite dapp?

Can’t wait to meet you all!:star_struck:

Hey everyone!

My name is Peter Porobov. I’m the founder of Upala. We are a small team (just 2 of us actually), conducting research on digital identity.

Upala is one of the teams which received Panvala grants in Batch 3. This is our first grant and we can’t be happier! Thank you very much Panvala team and those who voted!

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Hi Peter, welcome!

So good to have you here & congrats on winning a Panvala grant! We’re really excited to see what the future holds for Upala.

Will you be at DevCon this year? It’d be great to meet up!

Thank you! Will do our best to bring Upala further.

Would love to be at the DevCon, but frankly there is still to much of uncertainty in my financial life for that)). Maybe next year or some other conference…

Yeah, I totally understand that…DevCon is definitely (and unfortunately) in the range of conferences with a relatively high price tag :pensive:. Where are you currently based? Are there any local meetups / conferences where you’re at?

I live in Izhevsk, Russia. I once gave a talk on smart contracts at a small local conference (general software development).

There are conferences held from time to time in Russia, but most of them are somewhat trading-focused or other than Ethereum (Waves blockchain is active in Moscow).

But there is a lot of interest in Ethereum in Russia. Hopefully, there will be a good conference somewhere soon.

I see, it’s cool that you gave a talk!

I hope so too, especially if there is a lot of interest in Ethereum.

If you’d like to start hosting your own event / meetup, definitely let us know! I’m sure we could find a way to support you in making that work. We’re actually already in the process of setting up a global meetup network that will help Ethereum community members meet in person :slight_smile:

Great! Will keep that in mind. Thank you! I’ve been thinking of organizing an event in Izhevsk mainly to find people for Upala. Will discuss it with communities here.

That’s great! Events definitely are a good way to raise more awareness about Upala and grow your community. Let us know if we can help!

Hello, fellow Panvala community. I’m Jacob Cantele. I’m part of the PAN team at ConsenSys that helped initiate the product. I lead Product and Operations for the team.

Before this, I was CTO for an innovation lab for Berkshire Hathaway’s real estate arm (HomeServices of America), and before that I was CTO for Concierge Auctions, a disruptive technology platform for buying and selling luxury real estate assets with interesting economic mechanisms to protect buyers and sellers.

Ethereum and web3 are deep passions of mine, and building the platform that will make Ethereum sustainable is sort of the dream of the lifetime for me. I’m so excited to be a part of this community with all of you.


Hi, everyone.

I’m Rob Hitchens. I help folks understand and apply blockchain application design and I’m a big fan of Ethereum. I co-founded smart contract auditor, solidified.io, advise projects (mostly stealth), develop content and teach for B9lab.

You can find me blogging about Solidity (https://medium.com/@robhitchens) or hanging out on https://ethereum.stackexchange.com.


Hi Rob! Welcome to our forum & thank you for introducing yourself :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’m Sky. I have been involved in the Ethereum ecosystem for a few years. In the past, I had been leading Partnerships and Platform Development for POA Network/xDai Chain. I currently work with Whiteblock on blockchain testing solutions, and I actively participate in a number of DAOs.
My main interests in the space revolve around the growing DeFi ecosystem, anything NFT related, real use cases for token economies, DAOs and finding ways to get broader adoption of the things being built.
I am also passionate about wallets and figuring out how to create and bring a crypto wallet to billions of people.
I am interested in participating more with the Panvala community.

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I like DAOs. They offer an opportunity to create and participate in systems that align incentives in a positive-sum way. Panvala, while not advertised as a DAO, seems to be accomplishing the same goal. You guys also have tokens and voting, which is very DAOish. Anyways, looking forward to learning more about how Panvala works and how to contribute to making the Ethereum commons awesome.

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